Our Why

What's In Our D.N.A.

We are dedicated to providing the members of our universe original, stylish designs and comfortable, top quality branded fashionware in the urban streetwear industry.

D.N.A. products provide a symbol of self-indulgence, self-worth, prosperity, and positivity that can't be replicated by any other brand.

The D.N.A. brand is committed to becoming a pillar in urban youth, focusing on providing positive perspective, Entrepreneurial empowerment, local job creation, and on the inner-commerce/local economic growth within our local communities.

Rocking the D.N.A. brand is equivalent to wearing a banner that reads "I believe in myself. I am an asset. I don't follow trends, I am a trend setter. I am not a sheep, I am a Shepherd. I am the master of my own universe. Disruptive Nature is in my D.N.A.!!!

Made in Trenton, NJ

Welcome to the D.N.A. Universe!!!